Professional Nail & Waxing Services

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Boom Boom will be closing on Monday, July 15th for a two week vacation. Reopening Thursday Aug. 1st!

We are very sorry for any inconvenience, but are unable at this point to remain open during our annual family vacation.  Thanks for your patience.  Please text or email us for an appointment.

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111 14th Street NW., Charlottesville, VA 22903

Monday thru Saturday....................9:30 til 7:00

We validate parking (for our customers with appointments) at the 14th Street Parking Garage - directly across the street from our shop!

*We utilize prepackaged, single-use individual manicure and pedicure files and buffers, single-use waxing applicators (no double dipping during waxing procedures) and individual pedicure basin liners so your feet can never soak in an unclean chair.  All manicure and pedicure tools are sterilized in our autoclave between customers.  

Boom Boom Nail & Waxing Lounge

Now on "The Corner" in Charlottesville, directly across from the 14th Street Parking Garage (we validate)

111 14th Street NW C'ville   22903  (Next to Basil Mediterranean Bistro) 


Professional Nail & Waxing Services

In Addition To Our Rigorous Hygiene We Offer:

  • Single use pedicure chair basin liners
  • Packaged, single-use set of manicure and pedicure files and buffers for each customer
  • Autoclave tool sterilization between customers
  • Strict "single-dip" waxing applicator policy
  • Additional air removal for cleaner breathing
  • Very reasonable pricing
  • Validation for the parking lot across from our location
  • No-wrap gift certificates for all occasions and in any amount, served up in this great little package (across)


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